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We are all about Slow Beauty

Slow Beauty, like slow fashion, is all about investing in products that have been lovingly crafted using sustainable methods and intelligently sourced ingredients. Through using fewer and better products, we are able to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste while not compromising on efficacy and safety.

Fawn Labs Sustainability Ethos

Mindful Ingredients

Our ingredients are naturally derived and sustainably sourced from plants and herbs. We create ethical products that neither harm the environment nor deplete scarce resources.

Lab to Skin Formulas

We are committed to reducing carbon emissions. Most of our products are mindfully crafted here in Singapore by our certified Formulator (Dip. Organic Skincare Formulations U.K.), effectively shortening the supply chain process and reducing carbon footprint found in a traditional beauty business.

Less Water, Maximum Potency 

Our products are carefully formulated to provide maximum efficiency, with the optimal ratio of key elements for effectiveness and a minimal water content. With increased potency, you are able to use less and see results. 

Multi-function Products

Our team strives to create solutions that addresses different skin needs in a single product. This allows you to pamper your skin by using less!


Conscious Packaging

We take measures to conserve resources by recycling our used boxes and bubble wraps. Our promise not only allows us to deliver your product safely and securely but also ensures that unnecessary waste is not created in the process.


Eco-Friendly Refillery

Our products come in high-quality glass bottles that are both environmentally conscious and practical. Thanks to our local lab, they can be sterilised and reused multiple times, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions with each refill.