Guasha & Double Cleanse x Fawn Labs Workshop

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Our Founder and certified Formulator, Hann Chia will be guiding participants with a hands on demo for techniques on Guasha and Double Cleanse for face in this one hour workshop. We will focus on the ideology of Slow Beauty and Mindfulness in your beauty and relaxation routines from home.

Double Cleansing
Fawn Labs certified Formulator (Dip. Organic Skincare Formulations, U.K.) will give a step by step guide on what is Double Cleansing, why Double Cleanse and ending with a hands on demo with participants on how to Double Cleanse.

Our Instructor is a certified Guasha Facial Therapist and will be conducting the session with your personal Guasha tool focusing on relaxation and wellness.

The session will also address using Guasha on face for:

  1. Treating muscle pain and tightness
  2. Lifting saggy skin
  3. Brightening complexion
  4. Healing dark circles
  5. Eliminating build-up and puffiness


● All products and equipment for experience
Bian Shi Guasha tool (to bring home)
● Staff to facilitate and demonstrate activity

Remember to pack essentials like hair ties, contact lenses, a compact towel, sunscreen, and makeup for a quick refresh after the workshop.

Location: Fawn Labs - 71 - 2B Tras Street, Singapore 079010

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Self-care is important too!
The most important tip shared by Hann during our workshop:” we take care of so many things in our lives and people, we need to take a moment to care for ourselves too.” And so the gua sha is no longer just a random routine but something we do to check in with our emotions; tune into what we do for ourselves. Learning this at the workshop makes it less a beauty ritual, more so a space we carve out for ourselves to feel beautiful inside out. Enjoyed the explanation behind the skin layers and the double cleansing to prep the skin for the gua sha .
Informative and amazing session!
The gua sha session was very relaxing and I enjoyed alot. The session was informative and Hann was patient when answering our questions. It made me more self-aware of the skincare I chose. Lovely session to attend and I really encourage anyone to join if you want to find out more on the 'Science' behind the Skincare.
Guasha double cleanse workshop
Excellent workshop by Han. Gained so much knowledge about their products, skincare ingredients and guasha techniques.
Insightful Session!
An insightful session on facial Gua sha .Hann is very welcoming. She is very willing to share her expertise on skin care techniques and ingredients in skin care products, and gladly clarified some misconceptions and answered all my questions. Really an eventful session!
Informative workshop
Been wanting to learn the proper techniques on using Gua Sha. Very thankful for Hann and her team for such knowledgeable session. Clean and neat studio!
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