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Rediscovering Your Natural Beauty Through The Philosophy of Slow Beauty

The concept of "slow beauty" may seem contradictory in today's fast-paced world. 

You are bombarded with advertisements promising quick fixes and instant results when it comes to skincare and beauty.

Hardly anyone tells you to rethink before buying, be minimal or even use less.

Singapore's recycling rate is 57% (source: National Environment and Planning Agency and as of 2022), and we still have a long way to go, as our target for 2030 is 70%.

What does this mean?

We all have a part to play: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Hence, slow beauty is more important than ever.

This philosophy is bringing more awareness to everyone.

It encourages you to re-evaluate your life, be mindful with consumption and the environment.

- Hann Chia, Founder of Fawn Labs

You can choose and make healthier choices. Be more intentional with your lifestyle. Know that it's not just for yourself but for the planet and future generations.

Slow Beauty focuses on using fewer, better products to lessen unnecessary consumption and waste while remaining uncompromising on efficacy and safety. It encourages you to connect deeply with yourself, your body and the environment.

This is not just a desire for flawless skin; you get to slow down, understand what you use and aid your skin with quality ingredients.It is a long-term cumulative investment in your overall well-being and embracing the natural ageing process.

Many beauty brands often come packaged in excessive plastic, contributing to environmental pollution.

Packaging, whether eco-friendly or not, is not as impactful in reducing waste. For those with compostable packaging, they are not able to be composted from home compost. 

Depending on the country, but in Singapore, there's no commercial composting; they all get incinerated, and this results in a lot more carbon footprint. Hence, your focus should be on reducing or refilling as that contributes to a healthier planet.

Less is more.

Simplify your skincare routine and use what your skin truly needs. This minimalistic approach reduces any risk of overloading your skin with potential irritants and harsh ingredients. Ethically sourced, high-quality, natural ingredients nourish and protect your skin; promoting long-term health.

Connect with your inner self and take a break from the daily grind.

You first and that's ok. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself, improve stress management and boost overall wellness.

Slow beauty celebrates self-acceptance and self-confidence.

You should welcome the natural ageing process instead of fighting against it. Embrace your fine lines, wrinkles and greying hair as signs of a life well-lived.

If that's you, let's explore ways on how we can integrate this philosophy into your daily routine:

First, have a skincare routine that works for you. Identify your skin type and understand what you need. You just need a 3-step routine: Cleanse, Moisturise + Hydrate and Treatment. Avoid unnecessary products and overloading your skin.

Second, know what you use and understand formulations. No ingredient is created in a laboratory to harm anyone, but it is more important to look at safe formulations rather than zero in on specific ingredients. For example, even water can be toxic if you consume too much of it – a symptom called water toxicity. So pick skincare products that contain ethically sourced, clean and natural ingredients.

Third, practice mindfulness. Be present when applying your skincare products, and take this moment to connect with your skin. Dedicate and prioritise this self-care ritual for yourself. Gently massage products, enjoy the sensation and the routine. This process enhances the effectiveness and absorption of the ingredients.

Inspirational Quote by Juana Garcia

In conclusion, there is no shortcut regarding skincare, as slow beauty is all about consistency.

Patience is required since you won't see instant results, but this philosophy will make it all worth it.

Start slow, make small steps and adjust along the way.

Have conversations with like-minded people, educate yourself and explore what's best for you.

Embrace your skin's natural beauty.

Learn more about slow beauty and Fawn Labs' 3-step routine: